We offer a bespoke workshop service that can be tailor-made to your requirements including:-

  • Filmmaking 101 – Introduction to the basics of hands on filmmaking
  • Digital Storytelling – We will cover all aspects of production – from how to research your story to adding the finishing touches in the edit. The workshop will address many issues along the way, including critical thinking, story structure, style, genre, practical techniques for camera, sound and lighting.This workshop will also help show the potential of the equipment that we all have in our phones by teaching some of the fundamental rules of filmmaking and applying them to filming on your phones/tablets.
  • Animation 101 – we will introduce ‘Stop-frame animation’ and ‘Pixelation’ and take participants on a journey of creative exploration, looking at how both people and objects move. This can be used to produce issue based work or just straight up creative fun.